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Mufti Ibrahim Kureshi:

Mufti Ibrahim Kureshi was born in Canada in the city of Toronto where he completed his secular education. In 1987, he began his Islamic education when he went to Cornwall, Ontario to start his Hifz.

Soon after, he moved to India to complete his Hifz and enroll in the Alim program at the Jamiah Al-Uloom Al-Islamia in Dabhel, Gujarat. During this time he studied Qiraat, Hanafi fiqh, Usool-ul-fiqh, Arabic grammar and etymology under the guidance of some of the most prominent shayukh in India.

After completing his Alim course, he moved to South Africa where he was admitted into Madressah Arabia Islamia (Dar-ul-Uloom) in Azadville. There, he completed the one year Iftaa (Mufti) program and then moved back to Toronto, Canada to serve his local community. Mufti Ibrahim presently teaches, counsels, issues fatwas and delivers lectures in various Islamic institutions around Toronto and abroad.

Mufti Muhammad Zakariyya Panchbhaya:

Muhammad Zakariyya Panchbhaya is born and raised in Ontario, Canada. After schooling in Mississauga, he travelled to the UK where he enrolled in the well known seminary, Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury.

Muhammad Zakariyya memorized the Holy Quran and mastered the Islamic sciences of Arabic, Hanafi Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer and Islamic History with honors role during his entire study period of 10 years.

He also earned ijazah in Iftaa under the tutelage of Mufti Mohammed Saeed Motara in the Islamic university in Azaadville, South Africa. Since his arrival back to Canada, after the completion of his intense training and studies in the Islamic sciences, he is currently the imam of Masjid Saliheen in Mississauga, where he resides with his family.


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