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To choose the name "Sufyan" is it appropriate? Can you explain the virtues of this name?

Is it permissible for them to perform Jumuah Salaat there in the village or not?

Is it Sunnah to leave a green leaf of a date-palm on a grave?

Is Mortgage Broker License the right profession to choose?

Is Pepsin and Lipase okay to consume if they are integrated into a product?

Is one Qurbani sufficient on behalf of a family or is each eligible person required to do his/her own Qurbani?

Is it permissible to recite Quran during menstrual cycle? And if she is teaching in a madresah, what are the rules and restrictions during this period?

Is it permissible to obtain a tax receipt when one makes a Zakaat donation?

Various modes of vehicle purchases

Teeth Adjustment

Starting a book on Wednesday

Keeping Back Straight and doing Sajdah Properly

Imam standing by the chest of the mayyit in Janazah Salaah

Is it permissible to read the Qadha of missed salaah after Salaatul Asr or Salaatul Fajr has been read? Is it only permissible to a certain time?

What to do if in Fard salaah, one accidently read another surah after Surah Fatiha in the third or fourth raka'ah?

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