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About Us


The Academy of Research in Islamic Jurisprudence (ARIJ) is a portal of guidance, for individuals through the traditional Islamic sciences, and enriching one’s self through the Prophetic Ways.


The Academy of Research in Islamic Jurisprudence aims to serve the growing Muslim community in Canada by providing reliable and accurate guidance concerning rulings of fiqh and contemporary issues. The Academy also seeks to provide services to rectify moral and spiritual states (tarbiya) and disseminate formal Islamic education according to a traditional understanding of Islam on the methodology of the imams of guidance.


The Academy of Research in Islamic Jurisprudence (ARIJ) provides answers to Islamic issues on the basis of Islamic jurisprudence. Answers by ARIJ are strictly for educational purposes and cannot be used as evidence in the court of law for any jurisdiction. The queries answered by ARIJ are unique and based on the specific scenarios, circumstances and environment. Therefore, answers should not be taken as a general ruling nor should they be applied to other similar scenarios. ARIJ bears no responsibility for any information they may provide used out of its context.


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