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Desert Pearl – Status Among the Believing Women

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On behalf of the Academy of Research in Islamic Jurisprudence, a bi-weekly program has been initiated for young Muslim women.

The topics will be relevant to the high status of the Believing women, their zeal to learn knowledge, the difficulties they faced, and the manner by which they interacted with others.

This series of sessions will be conducted by local scholars Shaykh Mufti Ibrahim Kureshi and Shaykh Zakariyya Panchbaya.It is a good opportunity for sisters to meet other sisters for the sake of Allah, to expand their knowledge in Deen, and obtain insight on the lives and conduct of the Sahabiyaat Radhiallahu anhunna – May Allah be pleased with them.InshAllah, we intend to continue providing programs for the sisters. For this we would like you all to show your support by attending, and to encourage other sisters to attend as well.Lastly, we would like to restate that this program only accommodates sisters.


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